Three steps in working together

Help me work faster on your editing project, save money, and beat your deadline.

Step One: Use my Free Tools section

A little DIY saves you money. Improve your document before you send it. Find what you need in Improve your work.

Step Two: Describe your project, choose editing options, and get a free quote

Send me details
See “About your project” (below). Include a 10 % sample of your work, or the full document. Virus protection: I do not open attachments from unfamiliar addresses. Please use my Contact page to alert me beforehand. Send large files free with wetransfer.com

Choose options
Kind of editing
Do you want copy, stylistic, or substantive editing? I use the definitions by Editors Canada. (I do not offer indexing, picture research, mark-up or coding, or production editing.)

MS Word
For copy and stylistic editing in MSWord, I return two files after editing. One has all my edits accepted. The other has all edits tracked (highlighted) but not accepted. They make it easy for you to decide whether to use all my edits (use the first if you have a short deadline), or to accept / reject each of my changes (use the second if you have the time).
Comments: I can add Comments in MS Word that clarify the changes, indicate gaps in logic and flow, and suggest solutions.

Style Sheet options
Default: my style sheets ensure consistency by listing the spelling and punctuation changes I made for key names, terms, and acronyms, and formatting guidelines for things like bullets, headings, and tables. Use this style sheet to Find and Replace if needed.
ESL Style Sheets: For ESL authors, my style sheets can make the customer a better writer. In addition to the default issues (above),  I list the most common errors of grammar and style. I also describe in simple terms the grammar rules to use, with examples.

Step Three: Hire me as your editor

Post-grad students and professors can send an email to confirm acceptance of quote.
Businesses and book authors will receive a contract if my quote is accepted.
The EAC’s standard editorial contract is comprehensive and easily adapted, and I’m willing to use your contract if it specifies what kinds of editing are needed and protects both parties.

About your project

To quote accurately, edit appropriately, and beat your deadline, I will need these details.

Vital statistics

Full title of document, contact person, current word count, and deadline for return. Content elements like photographs, tables, and / or figures (diagrams and maps).


The intended audience(s), and publication / distribution methods.

Your vision

The changes you want in structure, length, and / or style. Book authors: Send a short synopsis, and something about your writing goals and experience.

Key improvements

Specific things you want me to improve or preserve.


The number of revisions and whether you are still making changes.


Canadian, American, or British? The correct spellings of places, people, and product names used in your document.


Professors: Specify your journal’s style (APA, MLS, Chicago, etc.) or the journal name and publisher’s website.
Businesses: Include your company style guide or the website to be edited.

Date and time

Your preferred date format and time zone.

Acronyms and abbreviations

A list of what you have used plus the full versions.

Hidden stuff

Details of any codes, macros, or links that are embedded but may not be visible.

Your availability

The time you will be available to work on it, and how quickly you can respond to queries.


Issues of privacy, terminology, rights, and acknowledgements.

Technology and editing preferences

I can work in MS Word (.doc and .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf – compatible with Macs), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and text (.txt). I will assume you are familiar with Tracked Changes and Comments in MS Word. Reviewing: will you process the changes that I suggest, or will you want me to do that?


Is there anything you especially want to avoid? Is there anything else I should know?


Contacts for the designer or webmaster if I need to coordinate text with layout. Contacts of any co-authors who will approve the edits.