Rates and Payment

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 Because I am an independent freelance editor, I set my rates independently. I don’t need to follow a company rate, or to work at a specific speed. My concern is the best personal service at a rate that suits your document. That’s why my tagline is “handmade messages.”

Editors have different skills and the quality of each assignment is different. So it is very difficult to set a flat hourly or page rate that ensures quality output and is fair to both the customer and the editor.

Flat rates may tell the customer immediately what the charge will be, but they do not accurately reflect the work required, and do not allow for personalized service.

As an independent freelance editor, I deliver personalized editing at a rate that suits your project. I also want to help you cut costs. And, with a little DIY, you can help me work faster. That will save you money. See Working together.



Editing rates

Editors charge by speed of work, which depends on the nature and quality of the document. Difficult or technical material with many errors takes longer to edit. Simpler material with few errors takes less time.
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Manuscript review rates

Rates are based on an average of 250 words per page, on a sliding scale.
Reader’s Reports: $2.50/pg to 100 pages. Then $0.75c/page.
Manuscript Evaluations: $3.50/page to 100 pages. Then $0.75c/page.

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How to Pay

Charges are due and payable on delivery of the completed work with invoice.
I can accept payment by Paypal, etransfer, or (for professors only) university cheque.
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