I’ve just set up a little promo kit for my business, at the registration area for the Readers and Writers Festival. Business cards, posters (Festival offers, outline of my services, and Clients Say), and envelopes for Business and Non-Fiction Writers.

Festival starts today, Thursday, on Denman Island. I’ve registered for the workshop with Douglas Gibson this afternoon, on how authors and editors can get the most out of their relationship. Hoping to learn how to deepen that buzz I get from working with writers. Sharing the creative process is a real privilege. Feels like electrical energy leaking around sometimes. Similar to how I felt, teaching television production when I was in the Rhodes U School of Journalism, back in the 80s and 90s. Wish I’d collected clips off those tapes. More on this later.

I’m also volunteering at the door the whole of Sunday morning, so I’ll catch some “Denman Writers Reading,” then the Main Stage event:  “In Conversation”  –  Des Kennedy with Maude Barlow and Chris Turner discussing their opposition to corporate control.

As a volunteer I get a free ticket to another event. Better get down there and choose before everything’s full.

Transferable Discounts
To launch my business on Denman, I’m offering 15% off my services. The offers aren’t limited to Festival attendees, so if you’re on the island, resident or visitor, please pick one up. Even if you’re NOT a writer or business owner/manager. The offer is transferable. Pass to another writer or business. These Festival offers are valid to 30 November 2014.

For non-fiction writers, the discount offers apply to my manuscript reviews and to substantive editing. Not for fiction authors? I don’t read much fiction. Sticking to what I know, as they say.

For businesses (especially Denman businesses!) I’m offering 15% off my quotes for copy editing and copy writing.

Ask a Friend
If you’re not on Denman this weekend, but you know someone who is here, ask them to get an envelope for you. They’re labelled either “Festival Offers for Businesses” (or “..Non-Fiction Writers”)         –             Please Take One”

Find them on my stand on the book sale table, in the Activity Centre  (a.k.a. the Seniors Hall), diagonally opposite the General Store.

Manuscript Review Options
Non-fiction writers can get a discount on one of my two manuscript reviews. I do a short Reader’s Report, that would probably suit a writer who has just completed a manuscript, and needs a quick response. For writers who’ve done several revisions, I’d advise the longer Manuscript Evaluation. It’s for writers who’ve taken a manuscript as far as possible and now need a detailed analysis.

I did a bunch of web research yesterday to see what other editors and writing coaches are charging for manuscript reviews, and how they charge. I eventually settled on a base amount plus add-on.

For Readers Reports: $345 for the first 25,000 words / 100 pages, plus $30 for every additional 10,000 words.

For Manuscript Evaluations up to 25,000 words / 100 pages: $450. Add $40 per additional 10,000 words.

Is this a good deal? My previous clients think so!