Editing rates

Editors charge by speed of work, which depends on the nature and quality of the document. Difficult or technical material with many errors takes longer to edit. Simpler material with few errors takes less time.

Factors reducing editing speed include: harmonizing different styles of multiple authors; non-native (ESL) writers; references and cross-references; tables and figures; and technical issues like macros, unusual file types, and content management systems. Due to these factors, most editors ask for a work sample before quoting or estimating. Quotes are based on a double-spaced page of 250 words, the measure used by most editors.

To get my free quote, please send at least 10% of the document. First, alert me using the Contact page, because I do not open attachments from unknown senders.

Widely-recognized productivity rates from authoritative sources span these ranges:
*Structural, substantive, or stylistic editing: 1 – 6 pages / hour
Copy editing:                                                2 – 8 pages / hour
Proofreading:                                               4 – 9 pages / hour

Sources include Editors  Canada, Editorial Freelancers Association, New York, and American Copyeditors’ Society. Definitions of types of editing come from Editors Canada.

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