Editing for professors

I specialize in copy and stylistic editing for researchers in business schools, and have experience with information systems, health, and accounting topics.

Most of my customers are competent ESL writers. However, correct grammar and spelling alone are not sufficient for acceptance by a journal.

“Sometimes the writing is strictly correct, but a native speaker would just never say it that way.”
Reviewing Rejection Top Ten: James Davis, UC Santa Cruz, 2005.

How I edit

I use MS Word with Tracked Changes, and also edit .pdf, html, and .txt files. Customers have said that my detailed style sheets help to improve their writing.

I assume the author will revise (i.e. accept or reject) the changes that I suggest. Authors are welcome to send short email queries about my suggestions for no extra charge.

Style and ethics

I am familiar with APA style and also use other style guides. For editing theses and dissertations, I use the school’s guidelines, and / or the ethical guidelines and approval checklist of Editors Canada.

My rates

Editors charge by the speed at which they can edit. Speed depends on the quality of the writing and the nature of the document. Like most independent editors, I quote on sight of the document or draft, or a representative sample (10%). Or, for short documents at fixed rates, please see my Takeout page


I accept payment through Paypal, etransfer, or university cheque. Personal cheques are accepted if pre-arranged. Payment is due on delivery of invoice and completed work. I do not currently collect sales tax.