If you want to relax, chill out, cool, or kick back, read these few lines as prescribed.

You don’t need to know about meditation to achieve a meditative state. Reading my very short poem will bring you intensely into the present moment, when sensory awareness increases, and when intuitions, inspirations or epiphanies happen. We’ve all had those moments. Now try this way to find another one.

The poem, and then, how to read it


Sit under a pine tree
Minute by minute

Eat rice from a bowl
Grain by grain

See how the dew falls
Drop by drop

Feel how the heart works
Beat by beat


How to read it

Read it out loud. Do the first verse comfortably slowly, then take a breath and read the second one a little slower. Drag the words longer and pause for longer at the end of each line or phrase. Go even slower for the third, and yet slower for the fourth. The very last two lines should be said so slowly that a full second passes between saying each word. Repeat these lines if you like.

If you want to repeat a verse in order to say it slower, do that. Repeat the whole poem if it’s been a bad day. Make up your own verses.

Take my good wishes on the journey.