Clients and portfolio

With over 25 years of experience in written and visual media as freelance writer / editor, academic, and producer  / director, I’ve created or edited a very wide range of communications, from TV quiz show questions and documentary scripts, to annual reports, speeches, magazine articles, and biographies.

Currently, I specialize in editing academic research such as journal articles, theses, and dissertations. I also edit non-fiction books for the general reader,and have worked with numerous authors as a substantive editor and manuscript reviewer.

 “I liked and appreciated the work Graham did on my book. He brought perspective and insight to difficult subject matter. His succinct structural edit reorganized my manuscript to make it more accessible to the different readers my book will address, and he gave it texture and continuity.”

Gord Cruse

Author, Juvie: Inside Canada's Youth Jails

“Graham not only does a thorough job catching grammar errors and typos, but more importantly helps to improve the clarity of the content. He provides constructive comments for me to understand the reasons for his edits. I have become a better English writer by learning from his comments.”

Ning Nan

Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems Division, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Theatre for Living: the art and science of community-based dialogue.

Theatre for Living: the art and science of community-based dialogue

David Diamond, author:
“Graham Hayman’s substantive edit really helped me clarify the structure and tone of the book…. He also respected my particular voice.” 
Winner: “Distinguished Book Award 2008” American Alliance for Theatre and Education.


They Called Me Otherwise

Bill Galloway, author:

"Graham has an amazing ability to extract more from a writer. Just when the author thinks that all has been written, Graham will ask a probing question which both requests more and also gives just a hint at how to proceed. Graham's interest and uncanny insight was absolutely key to taking my ramblings and turning them into a published book.” (Goodreads)


The Armament Tide - Re-arming America

Rear Admiral Stuart F. Platt SC, USN, Ret., author:
"When writing a book with a large quantity of research material, it can often be a case of not seeing the forest for the trees, and a substantive editor can be of enormous help. After working with Graham on my first book, I asked for him when I began my latest. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a skilled, diplomatic editor.” (Goodreads)

Dancing with Bears on Kootenay Time

David Litvak, author:
"Graham did a perceptive structural edit of my manuscript /Dancing With Bears./ His astute analysis and constructive feedback helped me get it to another level." (Kindle)