Manuscript reviews

Struggling with a manuscript? Want an editor’s opinion? Before you revise again or pay for an edit, compare what my reviews offer you.

My Reader’s Reports are usually two to three pages, or 500 to 750 words. They are suitable for the first draft of a manuscript, but may be useful for writers who have done several revisions.

Manuscript Evaluations are intended for writers who have revised several times. For this review I usually write between five and ten pages, and they contain the features of Reader’s Reports with greater detail and deeper analysis.

Compare the features

Components Reader’s Report Manuscript Evaluation
Strengths, best features Yes Yes
How to make the best of the strengths. What needs improvement. Yes Yes
Scope and point of view Yes Yes
Better ways to organize. Yes Yes
Organization 1: sections and links. Yes Yes
Organization 2: context and background. No Yes
Continuity: transitions, cross references, and time shifts No Yes
Style: suitability of tenses and point of view. Yes Yes
Comments in the text. No Yes
Pictures (if any): quality, captions, and copyright. Yes Yes
Possible legal problems. Yes Yes

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