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Get affordable and professional writing and editing services, and communicate effectively. I work with people and businesses, in print and digital media.

For Business

Creative copy-writing, specializing in B2B marketing
Editing documents and web materials
Producing digital images, audio, and video

For Academia

For professors: copy and stylistic editing of theses and research publications

For students: copy editing of assignments, term papers, and essays.

For Self-Publishing Authors

Reviewing manuscripts, and editing of non-fiction.

Offering free assessments and initial consultations.

Need Fast Service?

Copy editing of short documents at fixed rates per page.

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Hire me as your editor and I’ll help you save money on your project. Free assessments, consultations and DIY tools.
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Marketing Lessons From My Grandmother

It’s taken me years to discover a lesson about marketing (and about life), from this childhood experience. You shouldn’t wait, before overhauling your marketing plan. Even if your product is a market leader, and your company’s brand identity is well respected, you...

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De-stress With These Words

If you want to relax, chill out, cool, or kick back, read these few lines as prescribed. You don’t need to know about meditation to achieve a meditative state. Reading my very short poem will bring you intensely into the present moment, when sensory awareness...

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Writing Easily is Writing Slowly.

Writing for business isn’t hard, if you can slow down. Hurrying makes it difficult. Or maybe you put off writing? Maybe you feel vague about what to say. Every writer struggles with this uncertainty, whether in novels or emails. Writing is not just recording. It’s...

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