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Editing non-fiction is my specialization: academic research,  books, and other documents. If you send me a sample, I can provide an estimate plus comments on the changes I think it needs.  See the EAC’s definitions of types of editing.   

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Clients say...

“Graham Hayman’s substantive edit really helped me clarify the structure and tone of the book…. He also respected my particular voice.” (David Diamond, “Theatre for Living: the art and science of community-based dialogue.

Theatre for Living - awward winner

Winner: “Distinguished Book Award,” American Alliance for Theatre and Education.



Not much gives me greater pleasure than helping people find words to say what they want. I  make text for many purposes, and enjoy giving every piece a distinctive style and memorable quality.

Based on your project outline, I will send you a cost estimate. Use the Contact page, or call /text 1-250-335-3334.


For non-fiction authors, I offer two kinds of review of manuscripts for chapters, essays, articles, and books.

Reader’s Reports (2 – 3 pages)  will suit the first draft of an ms.
Manuscript Evaluations (5 – 10 pages) have more detail and will suit a revised ms.

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Clients say...

Jo Blackmore, Publisher, Granville Island Publishing.
“Graham Hayman has produced at least five Reader’s Reports for me. They were very well done, telling us what the manuscript was about, detailing the strong aspects, and what needed improvement. They were diplomatic and very well-written. The authors received good, clear feedback, which persuaded them to make the changes that improved their work.”

Janet Hudgins, author of “Treason.”
“I felt fortunate in locating a professional editor like Graham. His evaluation was concise and gave an overview of the salient points. He outlined the problems with choices of how to fix them. I thought the bill was reasonable. Graham is…. professional, reliable and has a gentle delivery.”

I am now offering proofreading of documents, book manuscripts  (fiction and non-fiction) in these file formats: MS Word (.doc and.docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).